CLEANSE is an initiative that seeks to welcome new models to the fashion industry. Whether a model is from New York or overseas, modeling can be an uncertain and unfamiliar territory and there are currently few programs or services in place to support models in their careers and personal lives.

CLEANSE aims to change that experience and make each model’s career a rewarding and enriching one by working in close combination with a model’s agency and by combining a suite of tools and resources, including a team of health professionals, to inspire and engage models in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

In addition to supporting models in their careers, CLEANSE maintains a high standard of sustainability and is dedicated to preserving the environment and planet we all share. CLEANSE’s ultimate mission is to enable people everywhere to create sustainable paths of wellness that enrich the body and mind while also helping to preserve the health and beauty of our planet.

International model Anne-Marie van Dijk is the founder of CLEANSE. After years of working in the fashion industry she learned of the many challenges a model faces throughout her career. She decided to set up CLEANSE to enable models to create paths of wellness tailored to the needs of each individual. In her career, Anne-Marie has worked with high profile clients such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, and Armani.

What is CLEANSE?

Designed by a model for models, CLEANSE: One Body, One Planet is a vibrant new initiative that helps models achieve their personal and professional goals in a healthy, sustainable and responsible way.

CLEANSE works directly with models as well as New York City’s top modeling agencies to offer models the tools, services, and support they need to stay fit, healthy, and successful throughout their careers.

Why was CLEANSE founded?

There are few programs and services in place today that support models—regardless of their size—in their careers and personal lives. Models face numerous challenges, from staying in top physical shape and optimal health to having boundless energy, mental clarity, and natural poise. Much like top athletes, they require a team of specialized professionals to take care of their needs.

CLEANSE is the first organization of its kind to provide models and their agencies the tools, information, and support that models need to perform at their professional best while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Who’s behind CLEANSE?

CLEANSE was founded by international model Anne-Marie van Dijk.

CLEANSE works with a team of top-notch, pre-screened health professionals including registered dietitians, personal trainers, therapists, health coaches and others to offer expert guidance and advice and to help models achieve their goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

CLEANSE is supported by some of New York’s most prestigious modeling agencies, top models, key industry insiders, and strategic partners such as LUCITÀ, a hybrid communications and publishing firm specializing in sustainability.

Why call it “CLEANSE?” Isn’t the term “cleanse” controversial?

CLEANSE is short-hand for “CLEANSE: One Body, One Planet”, which stands for our connection with our own bodies and with the Earth. As with many words in the English language, “cleanse” carries various meanings and connotations. In our case, the term “CLEANSE” in our name has nothing to do with juice, veggie, or any other type of “cleanses.”

CLEANSE embraces natural and sustainable ways of living that enhance the vitality of our bodies as well as our planet. In other words, what we do to our bodies, we do to the Earth, and what we do to the Earth, we do to our bodies—and our health.

No one says it better than Horst Rechelbacher, Founder of AVEDA:

“Our relationship with our body is a reflection and a metaphor for our relationship with the Earth and with life. As we treat our body, we treat the Earth, literally and metaphorically.”

~ Horst M. Rechelbacher, Founder of AVEDA

Does CLEANSE promote juice or other types of cleanses?

While we understand there is value in “cleansing” (e.g. juice cleanses) when utilized properly as part of a healthy and balanced diet, we do not promote cleanses in our programs, products, or services. Together with our team of professionals, we create a solid holistic foundation of nutrition and fitness customized to the individual model and her specific needs and desires.

As a matter of principle, we don’t believe in quick fixes, elixirs, or crash diets. We operate on the conviction that fundamental changes in one’s lifestyle and consistent commitment to those changes can lead to sustained optimal health and well-being.

Is CLEANSE able to promote a healthy lifestyle within the size-zero paradigm?

Whether a model is naturally a size 16, 12, 6, 2, or 0, understanding the fundamentals of nutrition and creating the building blocks to lead a sustainable lifestyle is what CLEANSE is all about.

The ongoing Sample Size Zero debate is a complex, multi-faceted issue that requires the attention and joint effort of many key players in the fashion industry. CLEANSE transcends the discussion by focusing on the unique, individual needs of the models and providing them with the support and services they need to find balance and health in their careers regardless of their size.

What role does CLEANSE play in helping to create a more sustainable world?

CLEANSE believes in creating a more sustainable future for all. By harnessing the power and prestige of the fashion industry and bringing to light the efforts and activities of top models actively living a healthy and eco-conscious lifestyle, by supporting models everywhere in their quest to achieve a working life balance, and by partnering with local green organizations in each city where CLEANSE is active, we hope to establish critical links all along the ecosystem in which the fashion industry operates, and ultimately to inspire generations of young people who look up to models and the fashion world.

From the food we eat to the air we breathe, our body and our planet are intimately connected. CLEANSE: One Body, One Planet embodies this philosophy through the programs we design, the companies we partner with, and the information we provide.

How does CLEANSE select its Partners?

CLEANSE carefully selects the organizations it partners with based on specific criteria, including:

  • – natural or organic product offerings
  • – local and/or sustainable sourcing of ingredients and other raw materials
  • – renewable/green energy usage and implementation
  • – financial commitment to local communities, charities and similar efforts
  • – community involvement
  • – employee relations and support
  • – supply chain management
  • – awareness of the organization’s own eco-footprint

How do I get involved with CLEANSE?

For now, CLEANSE is designed exclusively for models and their agencies, but we’re working on ways for everyone else to get involved in the near future. Stay tuned!

Is CLEANSE open to male as well as female models?

CLEANSE is open to both women and men, although some of our programs, such as our CLEANSE Classes, are developed for female models only.

How can I spread the word about CLEANSE?

Very easily! CLEANSE is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so feel free to like us, follow us, and pin us. Share the links and spread the word to your friends!


CLEANSE has had great success with past events, including our exclusive Soft Launch that took place in the fall of 2012. VIP attendees included top model Saskia de Brauw, Victoria’s Secret Angels Doutzen Kroes and Lindsay Ellingson, and Vogue’s Director of Photography Ivan Shaw.