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    Organic Avenue

    While there are many great juicing companies that call NYC home, we love Organic Avenue because they focus on not only providing their customers with great products but support along the road to health success. They educate and support you to transition and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is pleasurable and sustainable to you, society, animals and the planet, much like our goals here at CLEANSE.

    This is the perfect pitt stop for health nuts, vegans, vegetarians or anyone who is looking for a quick nutritious snack!

    Organic Avenue is known for their juice cleanses but that’s definitely not all that they offer. From their fresh pressed juices to their salads and wraps to their delightfully tasty snacks and desserts you’ll never have to rely on a deli for a quick fix again!

    Walnut Dulse Wrap


    Sunflower Falafel Salad

    If cleansing is what you are in search of, this is the right place. A few different cleanses are offered based on what is best for you. Many people are afraid of cleansing because they think that means a strict diet of veggie juices for days on end – don’t think there’s so many guidelines! Many types of cleanses are offered here whether it be a raw food cleanse, juice soup and salad cleanse, or an all-liquid cleanse – the great part is that your cleanse is made fresh and delivered to your door or closest location each morning! You don’t have to choose one of the pre-set orders, you can order anything you want. If you feel like cleansing for one day, five days or even one hour in between castings -hey, there’s no rules to healthy eating!

    If you are feeling like the winter weather has made you a bit gray – it may be showing on your skin too. Take a look at OA’s one day juice and skin cleanse to give your entire body, immune system and skin a re-energizing boost. If cleansing is really not your thing but you feel like your skin is missing that summer glow, you must try their cold pressed cucumber juice. A personal favorite and success!

    OA has come a long way from the kitchen of Denise Mari, who founded OA in 2000. Her vision was always to combine a balanced lifestyle and provide convenient, accessible, affordable, delicious and nutritious products that are good for people and the environment.

    “Organic Avenue is my heart and soul’s mission to help people, animals and the environment,” said Mari.

    With locations in Chelsea, Lower East Side, West Village, SoHo, Upper East, Midtown East, Upper West, Greenwich Village and even in the Hamptons OA is one of the most accessible healthy eating joints on the map.

    With many of the same morals we have here at CLEANSE, we are happy to include Organic Avenue as one of our CLEANSE fuel spots, check the map in your CLEANSE welcome package for a list of all of our favorites!!

    For more info on Cleansing packages, menu items, nutrition info and to speak to OA coaches check out their website www.organicavenue.com.

    Happy Juicing!!


    Author: Emily Van Raay
    Emily Van Raay is an international model committed to studying and practicing health, well being and nutrition.

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