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    Q&A: Green Smoothie vs. Green Juice

    Q: Green Smoothie vs. Green Juice: what’s healthier?
    A Green Smoothie is made by combining non-dairy milk, fruit, and greens (kale, spinach etc) in a blender or Vita-Mix and puree-ing. In comparison a green juice is made by pressing the juice out of fresh fruits and vegetables. Green smoothies contain more fiber and protein, which will help with satiety. Green Juices concentrate the vitamins, and minerals naturally contained in vegetables, so that you get more benefits per volume. Alternate days (a green smoothie one day, a green juice the next) so you reap the benefits of both!
    Image courtesy of Dana James, Certified Nutrition Specialist and CLEANSE Advisor. 
    Author: Elizabeth Jarrard RD, LDN
    Elizabeth Jarrard is a Registered Dietitian and CLEANSE Advisor practicing in Boston. 

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