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    Sunchokes, Maitake Mushrooms, and Turmeric oh my!

    Food is the foundation of your health. If you eat well, staying mindful of including plenty of vegetables, fruits, beans and quality fats and proteins, your body and brain will be properly nourished, helping you thrive in all areas of your life. Eating the wrong foods can have deleterious effects on your system, weakening you and causing disease.

    But some foods are super foods and should be considered as a means to help bring your health to the next level. These foods may have cancer fighting or detoxification properties. They may have robust antioxidant potential and anti-inflammatory benefits. You want to include these foods in your diet whenever possible and today I have three more that you can add to your repertoire.

    In today’s video I will show you a medicinal mushroom that has been known to fight and prevent cancer. I’ll also introduce you to a funny looking tuber that can help you create beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, improving gastrointestinal health. Lastly I will show you a spice that you have definitely heard of but perhaps have not seen, that can fight cancer and protect you from heart disease and cognitive decline.


    CLEANSE Adviser Barbara Mendez is a Nutritional Consultant, Registered Pharmacist and CLEANSE Adviser practicing in New York City.

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