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    Fashion Week Kick-Off Event: CLEANSE x Pratima Spa


    CLEANSE at Pratima Spa

    To kick off New York Fashion Week 2014, Pratima Spa hosted several CLEANSE models to relax before they hit the runways.

    They learned about the art and science of Ayurveda, while enjoying healthy snacks, meditations and Ayurvedic treatments. The founder of Pratima, Dr. Pratima shared her infinite wisdom and inspiration.
    Whether you’re looking to relax and detox post-NYFW or just need a pick-me-up, Pratima Spa is our top CLEANSE spa destination in NYC. Their products are 100% natural, certified organic, cruelty-free, and made with pure herbs, flowers, roots, plants, fruits, and minerals straight from the Earth.  You won’t find GMOs or chemicals like parabens in any of their products. As an added bonus, all CLEANSE models receive a special discount at Pratima Spa.
    Check our blog later this week to learn more about the models’ experiences at the spa. Emily van Raay, one of the model attendees, will be sharing her personal experiences with us!

    Learning about Ayurvedic beauty at Pratima Spa.

    Pratima SpaCLEANSE founder Anne-Marie van Dijk was joined by CLEANSE members Summer Rayne Oakes, Cato van Ee, Emily van Raay,
    Adela Capova, and Edythe Hughes.

    With the one and only Dr. Pratima.

    Catering by Bhagavat Life Catering.

    Dr. Pratima with Summer Rayne Oakes.

    Adela Capova and Cato van Ee. Adela Capova and Cato van Ee.

    c8Dr. Pratima’s amazing skincare line. Photo by Adela Capova.

    Special thanks to Pratima Spa and Bhagavat Life Catering for hosting CLEANSE at such a lovely
    pre-New York Fashion Week event!


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