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    Detox Smoothie

    Spring is a great time for nourishing smoothies. But what you choose to include can make all the difference between a healthy, balanced meal replacement or snack, and a refined and sugary beverage.

    Smoothies can be a great opportunity to get quality nutrition into your body in an easy and delicious way. But rather than just blending fruit and drinking that, a formula that can spike and crash your blood sugar for it’s lack of protein and quality fats, you want to make sure you include some key ingredients to provide a solid foundation that will allow you to feel satisfied for hours, balance your blood sugar and brain chemistry and help to also detoxify your body.

    In today’s video I am going to share with you the must-have ingredients that I include in my detox smoothies. This recipe will allow you to feel satisfied and full for hours while detoxing your liver and lymphatic system and helping to improve the look and feel of your skin, your hair, improve your immune system and help clear your mind.

    Once you have watched the video, I’d love to hear what key ingredients you include in your smoothie to help you cleanse your system and stay nourished. Let me know in the comments below.

    Author: Barbara Mendez, R. Ph. M.S.

    Barbara Mendez is a Nutritional Consultant, Registered Pharmacist and CLEANSE Adviser practicing in New York City.

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